Priority access to the telecoms network

I was intrigued to read that a number of large financial organisations in London now have priority access to the UK telecoms network in the event of a disaster striking.

Not many people are aware of the fact that the UK fixed line network has various levels of priority allocated to different circuits. In the event of a disaster striking, residential line service will be degraded, with fewer dial tones available (it's actually a lot more complex than that, but I try to keep things simple).

Next to go are the small business lines, followed by major companies. Government agencies and utility firms have the highest level of priority, so it's interesting to hear that large financial institutions have had their priority levels improved.

By the end of the year, London financial institutions will hooked into the Enhanced Government Telephone Preference Scheme (EGTPS), which is a program that was developed following the July bombings in London last year.

Very little has been written about EGTPS. Anyone would think that the government didn't want people to know about the scheme...