Google Pack - worth a download

Although Google's decision to reinvent the wheel when it comes to digital rights management (DRM) and its new video download service, the company does have some useful applications and services.

I'm particularly pleased with Google Pack, a suite of applications that the company unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

Google Pack is a suite of PC applications that I'd recommend any user to download and install. Chances are that you probably have some of the applications already, but not all of them.

The pack includes Adobe Reader 7 and RealPlayer media player, as well as two security applications - Ad-Aware SE Personal, which is an anti-spyware program, and Norton Anti-Virus 2005 Special Edition.

The Norton program comes with six months of free updates, which isn't bad, but you'll have to shell out real money when the free subscription expires.

Also included in the pack is Picasa, a free photo editing and presentation application which was published by Google last year; Google Toolbar and Google Earth.

Anyway - check out the software here. It's free and you can always delete the software if you don't like it...