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Two years in clink for US spammer

It looks like Daniel Lin, a major spam generator in the US, will go down the line for two years.

Lin, who hails from the motor city of Detroit, has been charged along with three other people, with sending millions of emails to Internet users around the world.

Rather than simply spamming, however, Lin and his colleagues are alleged to have used nefarious means to gain control of PCs operated by the likes of Amoco, the US Army and Unisys and generate the emails on a relay mail basis.

According to US newswire reports, Lin is expected to plead guilty tomorrow and, by agreement, receive a two year prison sentence.

Before making his agreement, Lin had faced up to five years on each of the two spam counts and up to 10 years on an unrelated gun charge.

According to records produced by the authorities, the gang of four men generated around $100,000 from their actions, which was the profit from selling weight loss cures and other stuff you can buy on the Internet.

Commenting on the case, Graham Cluley, Sophos' senior technology consultant, said that spammers do not baulk at exploiting the computers of innocent people and companies to relay their unwanted spam onto other computer users.

"Weight-loss products are just one of many goods plugged by spammers, but many computer users faced by the growing tide of spam will probably like to see spammers go on a diet of bread-and-water," he added.