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2006 resolution - Get your staff to become more security aware

One journalist from SC Magazine wrote in the January 2006 issue that it was high time that companies start awareness campaigns for their employees, rather than relying on the IT department to sort out all the problems.

One of the ideas that he brought forward was that software CDROMs should be distributed to the staff members. These CDROMs would contain useful security tools such as anti-spyware and anti-virus software, a firewall, and alternative browsers that the staff would be encouraged to install on their home computer in a bid to reduce their exposure to security attacks.

That was not all though, as he also called for "install days" where users would be able to bring in their computers for scans and assistance, with the aim of getting end users to become more aware of how easily there machines can be compromised.

These ideas would benefit a company in several ways, the first of which would be to increase staff morale. As the Hawthorne Effect (opens in new tab)proved decades ago, employees work better when they are pampered or given attention.

The second benefit would be to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) of your systems as downtime due to rogue software and spyware should decrease, giving the IT department more time to concentrate on improving the overall performance of your networks and systems.

Thirdly, you would hope to benefit from increased productivity and efficiency as computers run faster and your environment operates in a smoother manner. As always, these are best-case scenarios but it seems like its worth a shot to me.

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