Power line Communication - Electrifying networking

After a truckload of security-related blogs, I’m back to more network-centric blogging. One of the main problems that all network administrators will encounter in their everyday life is cabling, and lots of it. In our office alone, there’s probably several kilos of network cables covering several hundred feet.

Now wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of those cables? Well, part of the answer lies in the Power line Communication (PLC) or HomePlug Powerline Alliance as it is usually called. This technology allows data to be carried over your power lines therefore bypassing the use of dedicated cables completely.

HomePlug products need no special drivers and can fairly easily replace existing network connectors. No cable, drilling and of course, no tripping.

Still more interesting is that you can combine wireless, HomePlug and traditional wired technology if that suits your needs. All three have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, cabling is ideal for long distances, which is not the case for wireless and Homeplug.

ADSLguide gives a nice little diagram and some scenarios if you want to find out more.