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Spammer cries for mercy after being Kicked in the Nuts

I know revenge is frowned upon, and we are all supposed to turn the other cheek, but I defy anyone to resist a chuckle (even just a small one) about the reported plight of spammer Alex Polyakov, currently at number 8 in Spamhaus’ Top 10 spammers list.

Polyakov was seemingly on the receiving end of some vigilante-style justice from the creatively titled "Kick a Spammer in the Nuts" campaign (opens in new tab). The campaign attempts to force spammers out of business by swamping them with bogus orders for products.

Brian McWilliams’ Spam King blog reports (opens in new tab)that the scheme’s instigator, Darren Brothers, received an early morning phone call from Polyakov, complaining that the campaign was “killing my business”. Do you feel a tugging on the heart strings? No, I didn’t think so.

You can read more about Mr Polyakov’s early morning phone call here (opens in new tab).

The idea of vigilante justice is, of course, nothing new but whether it can ever make a real difference is a moot point as spammers have continually proved themselves to be a particularly resourceful breed.

There is also the danger that in the attempt to get even people will overstep the line. This is the fate that befell Lycos’ ill-fated anti-spam screensaver (opens in new tab), which was pulled after security experts complained it was simply launching DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks by another name.

Nonetheless, maybe this little episode has shown that karma, and the idea that what goes around comes around, does exist after all. There's a happy thought to bring on the weekend with.