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Spam - China and the US to blame?

Interesting bit of research (opens in new tab) released by Sophos (opens in new tab) yesterday concludes that the US and China are the worst areas of the world when it comes to relaying spam.

The IT security firm reckons that, in the fourth quarter of 2005, the US accounted for 24.5 per cent of spam, whilst China ran it a close second with 22.3 per cent.

Third place was taken by South Korea with 9.7 per cent, after which the percentiles drop to 5.0 per cent and lower.

According to Sophos, however, the situation in the US is getting better, with a number of successful prosecutions against spammers, including the case of James McCalla, who is apparently facing a two year spell in clink for his actions.

All together now - what a shame...

Graham Cluley (opens in new tab) (for it is he), Sophos' senior technology consultant, was moved, you'll be surprised to hear, to comment on the spam analysis.

He said that the tougher sentences being handed out in the US are clearly making spammers feel the heat.

"However, it's not such good news for Bill Gates's skills as a fortune teller, as spam is clearly not a thing of the past. Email users worldwide are still being bombarded by all manner of unsolicited messages, and it must be said that, two years on, Gates' famous prediction (that spam would be history - Ed) now looks extraordinarily optimistic..."