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Say hello to secure text messages

Fair Internet has taken the wraps off a secure text messaging service known as Kryptext. (opens in new tab) But how easy is it to intercept text messages on GSM networks?

Judging from technology I've seen in use at a number of exhibitions, very easy indeed (opens in new tab). Much easier than intercepting voice communications, as text messages have little or no encryption added - unlike voice transmissions.

It's also worth noting that text messages flow to and from mobiles via GSM servers, so tapping into the data stream at the server end of the link is a relatively easy task.

Or so I've been told - ahem...

Anyways, Kryptext looks interesting, as it allows users to send and receive confidential messages securely via SMS, using 128-bit encryption.

This level of encryption is secure against prying eyes, unless HM Government's computers are involved in cracking the encryption.

Er, allegedly...

Rather than charge per-text, Fair Internet is only charging users to download the client software, which runs on Symbian 60 operating system-based GSM handsets, such as the Nokia 36xx and 66xx series and above.

It's also possible to run Kryptext on a PC, although users must then pay for each text message sent. The real benefit looks to be in mobile-to-mobile text messaging...