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No More Secrets

Another visitor to the weblog writes:

"I'm sitting here watching the snow fall, like RFID tags that will find themselves incorporated into everything we buy and become associated with our credit/debit cards which ultimately will track us to where we live, who we are, what we buy.... where we go, who we associate with... need I go on.... perhaps now is the time to invest in or acquire a data center large enough and secure enough to contain all this information, and by the way, something to mine it and reveal our inner most secrets......

Or maybe not. Just before Xmas I had lunch with one of my former bosses who asked if I'd heard from a former colleague, who had left the employment of our former employer and moved several times. A quick search of google revealed that he was still playing bridge in various tournaments in the USA. So off I go, on to some of those directory services web sites in the US containing public records, and low and behold it revealed all his previous addresses, who he lived with, all his speeding fines and a whole lot more.

Even in the UK, websites like (opens in new tab) or (opens in new tab) can provide a whole load of information on indviduals which previously required you to visit a number of establishments to collect the knowledge.

If anything, try them and find out the names of your neighbours and who they live with. Top that with a visit to (opens in new tab)and discover when they brought their property and how much they paid for it. I'm offer to discover what I can find out about a certain Simon Moores......"