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419 Gang May Be Extradited to USA

The Register reports that the United States is asking for the extradition of four Nigerians accused of running 419 scams in the Netherlands after the arrest of a gang in Amsterdam and the nearby town of Zaandam earlier in the week.

It is the first time the US has requested the extradition of indivuals accused of running 419 scams, an encouraging sign that authorities want to put an end to these schemes. Convicted 419'rs can expect hefty jail sentences.

The Netherlands remains acentre for fraudulent lottery and 419 schemes, although the modus operandi has changed somewhat. The emails are now often sent from other countries. A very prolific group operates out of Italy using, Telecom Italia Media’s Internet Service Provider, but most of the phone numbers mentioned in mails for lottery scams with names such as Luckystar, Postcode Loterij and E.U. Lottery are in fact Dutch prepaid mobile phone cards. So far, Telecom Italy has done little to stop the daily deluge of scam mails.