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eBay slated in latest Computing Which? magazine

The latest Computing Which? magazine, released today, slates eBay something rotten, on account of the service needing to do a lot more in the fight against fraid.

According to Which, eBay (opens in new tab)-related fraud is occurring at an alarming rate. The independent testing magazine says that about 130 crimes citing eBay are reported in London every month to the Metropolitan Police. And this level of crime is thought to be mirrored across the UK.

The magazine notes that eBay does take measures to protect its customers. For example, all auction pages contain a Safety Centre link, but adds that "finding the tiny text link at the foot of the page is like looking for a needle in a haystack."

Jessica Ross, Computing Which's editor, says that many people see eBay as a bit of fun, like Friends Reunited, and no one is denying that it's quick and easy to use.

"But there's plenty of opportunity for criminals to cash in too," she said, adding that eBay needs to educate people about the dangers of using the site.

"This 21st century car boot sale attracts more than a few dodgy characters and gangs can earn huge amounts defrauding everyday eBayers," she added.

I entirely agree. eBay is fuller than a Hong Kng shopping mall with pirate software, vids and albums. Allegedly.

I mean, just look at the prices. There's also a lot of fraud (opens in new tab) about.

And yes, even I got ripped. Once. I bought a disk drive a few years back from a guy in Chester that utterly ripped me off. I ended visiting the cheeky monkey and discovered a sad guy in a wheelchair who was under investigation for eBay fraud.

He got away with thousands. And the police did sweet FA (opens in new tab), as I monitored the case out of personal and professional interest.

Ah, says eBay, but that must be an exception - surely?

Show me the prosecutions eBay, show me the prosecutions...