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Microsoft's top secret Origami project unfolds

The exact nature of Microsoft’s top secret Origami device has got the blogosphere buzzing (opens in new tab) after the discovery of a marketing video on the Internet, which seems to show the device in use.

The discovery on the website of media company DigitalKitchen was made by blog site Kevin 2.0 and although the video seems to have been removed you can view a version here (opens in new tab). From the pictures it looks like a small kind of tablet PC or ultramobile lifestyle PC as others have named it.

Details are still scarce, but Engadget (opens in new tab) claims to have heard a report about a presentation by Bill Mitchell, Corporate Vice President of the Mobile Platform Division which outlined a device that would be “wearable, always on, no larger than 10-inches, connected through 3G networks, pen-based, and have a suggested retail price of $500 or less… One notable spec that could differentiate this one: Microsoft is apparently insisting that this run the full version of Windows”.

It seems that Microsoft is taking a leaf out of Apple’s book by cranking up a rumour mill in order to create a bit of buzz around the new device. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the whole video episode was a deliberate part of the plan.

The official Origami project website gives precious little away, apart from the fact more information will be forthcoming on the 2nd March this year, when more details on Origami will unfold. Watch this space!