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US firm assists Chinese Net users in beating the system

Chinese cartoon

I was pleased to hear that a US company called Dynamic Internet Technology (opens in new tab) has developed a technology to assist Chinese Net users in beating the censors and accessing information on topics such as human rights, religion, and peasant uprisings.

The managing director of the firm is a Chinese national called Bill Xia, who was apparently studying in Ohio in the 1990s when he joined the Falun Gong, an interesting group that combines callisthenics with spiritual cultivation.

As reported previously on this newswire, the scumbag Chinese government deemed the Falun Gong to be a subversive organisation back in 1999.

Is scumbag too strong a word for a government that has such a disgraceful record in human rights and, at times, makes North Korea look like a Butlins holiday camp? I don't think so...

Unlike some of the Web proxy services that allow Chinese Net users to side-step the censor systems on the Chinese side of the Internet, Dynamic's Dynaweb technology disguises Web sites so that the Chinese government's systems do not recognise the pages as potentially subversive.

I'm also gratified to hear that Dynamic doesn't actually make much money from its activities, as the MD says he relies on his wife's salary and a team of volunteers to maintain the service...