Intel to invest in Indian open source incubator

Intel is going to create an Open Source Incubator in India. Express Computer reports reports that Intel sees Linux as an important growth area, and that they plan to provide four major benefits for any company wishing to partner with them.

The first benefit is financial, up to $2m; The second is access to the 13 other Intel/Linux innovation labs worldwide; the third is a business plan help and the fourth is financial advice if the companies require further investment.

Intel is shifting a number of gears because of Linux, especially at the top end and with the recent adoption of the Intel platform by Apple. Intel is clearly looking outside the Microsoft Shrink-wrapped box to generate revenue growth. The Mactel and Lintel axes are slowly taking place in Intel’s global strategy.

Intel’s interest in Open Source is not a new one, and the microprocessor giant has already has an internal Open Source group to improve collaboration with the open source community.

However, Intel’s direct competitors - AMD and Sun, for example are already further on down the line with Open Source. AMD is one partner in the One Laptop per Children project, while Sun has recently released the first Open Source chip.

However, when the silicon mammoth moves, it does so with a purpose;watch out for any cracks in the Wintel foundations.