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Bank phishing gets more sophisticated


Scamsters looking for bank account details et al from the public are getting more sophisticated in their approach, it seems, judging from Sophos. (opens in new tab)

According to the IT security firm, an email scam has surfaced this last few days, posing as an electronic survey from Chase Manhattan Bank.

The email says that, in return for completing an online survey, the bank will pay 20 into the customer's account.

As Sophos advises, however, the e-mails were not sent by the bank, and directs unwary surfers to a bogus Web site which attempts to steal user names, passwords and other confidential information from them.

Graham Cluley (opens in new tab), Sophos' senior technology consultant (for it is he) says the emails are little more than a variant of the `letter from Nigeria' (opens in new tab)scams designed to fool innocent users into believing they will make money for little effort.

"Email scammers are always looking for new ways to fleece the unwary, and this time they have come up with a new twist: asking people to help in a survey for a cash reward," said Graham.

"Internet users who bank online need to be wary of these kinds of tricks, and display caution on any Web site where personal information is demanded, or risk ending up penniless," he explained.

According to Graham, it's important to realise that Chase Manhattan has done nothing wrong.

"Scammers are posing as this well known bank because it is an established and well-trusted name, and they hope it will encourage victims to hand over their credentials," he said...