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Spyware kits for $20 - get 'em whilst they're hot

The Law!

Those joyful people over at Sophos (opens in new tab) have reported (opens in new tab) that a Russkie Web site is flogging a spyware kit for $15 - slightly less than a tenner.

The kits, called WebAttacker, are said by many to be the bees knees, and, although my Russian is a bit rusty (thank goodness for Babelfish (opens in new tab) -Ed), the software provides an overview and index to all the freeware and shareware spyware creation packages out there in Internetland.

There are also a number of applets and scripts in the kit that, according to Sophos, "simplify the task of infecting computers."

One pre-prepared spyware email presents itself as a warning of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus, providing links to a bogus Web site, whilst another claims that Slobodan Milosevic (opens in new tab)was murdered and invites users to visit a Web site for more information.

Let's get one thing straight - these kits are bad news for the IT industry - and, Carole Theriault (opens in new tab), a senior security consultant at Sophos, agrees.

"By simplifying the task of the potential hacker for a mere tenner, sites like this one will attract opportunists who aren't necessarily very skilled and turn them into cyber-criminals," she said.

No doubt there will be some namby-pamby (opens in new tab)American free speech libertarian long-hair out there that disagrees with this analysis, but they can go and stuff themselves.

Hats off to Sophos for spotting this problem. Now all we need is a denial of service attack on the WebAttacker Web portal...