16-Cores In A Desktop; iWill Releases The Ultimate Server

Just got the news that iWill has released the iWill H8502 barebone server in the UK. This 5U server is no bigger than the workstation that lies under my desk but packs enough power to go into the top 1000 computers in the UK. It is the ideal large corporate server and can accommodate up to eight dual core AMD processors (giving it 16 cores in all).

For greater flexibility and expansion, this will be expanded to 32-cores as soon as AMD deploys quad core processors. On top of that, the H8502 can take up to 128GB (that's GB!) of memory and comes with six fans to cool everything inside. Storagewise, it accepts up to six hot swap SCSI RAID drives through the onboard Adaptec SCSI controller.

Such a technological monster doesn't come cheap. But if you are looking for a server that can handle heavy traffic - millions of page views per day - then you can be sure that the H8502 will do the job relatively cheaply - Expect it to retail for around £5000 barebone only - and efficiently.