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Grisoft acquires Ewido for anti-spyware technology

Ewido - a jolly good anti-malware package...

I was intrigued to see that Grisoft, (opens in new tab) the company behind the most excellent AVG anti-virus package, has acquired Ewido Networks, the German company behind the Ewido anti-spyware and malware software.

Ewido is a relative late comer to the IT security software industry, having only been established for a couple of years. Despite this, the company's paid-for anti-spyware and malware software is rated as one of the best in the business, on account of the volume of research that the company undertakes with its database.

The gameplan is to incorporate Ewido's technology in the next generation of Grisoft's software, although I doubt that the free version (opens in new tab)of AVG will get the benefit.

Terms of the deal haven't been revealed, although Grisoft said in this week's press announcement that it had more than 30 million users of its IT security software...