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E7even, nearly the end...

I finally threw in the towel with e7even. My housemate and I were sharing two broadband lines. I'm using Bulldog Broadband and he took over my e7even line - we then shared them so as to have a fail-over net. Even if one line fails, we would still have the other one to take over.

In the early hours of the 19th of April, the e7even line uttered its last bytes and died. Like thousands of e7even users, we were left stranded. To cut a long story short, e7even said that they were having important and urgent upgrades to be done and that users would have to use the freephone dial up number.

After a series of mishaps with e7even and my numerous fits of anger, see this post and this one, I decided to leave them. Actually, I was not the only one as Easynet, their own wholesale service provider, decided to dump them after less than one year - which has effectively meant that e7even was in great, great trouble.

They now have OFCOM (Office of Communication) on their back after the government regulator was bombarded by email, snail mail and phone calls from disgruntled e7even users.

These users have been instrumental in bringing the failings of e7even as a service provider into the limelight and making sure that no other ISPs treat their users in the same way e7even users were treated.

In the meanwhile, e7even has hiked up their prices substantially, either to recoup costs or to make sure that no one else joins them.

You can find more about it on ISPreview (opens in new tab) and ADSLguide (opens in new tab).

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