iPod slurp - a real threat to Corporate Data

Here in the office, we are all music fans. Some of us have Apple iPods, whereas others have unbranded MP3 players. We all commute a lot and our music players have proved to be a popular way to chill out, as soon as we leave the office.

However, Sharp Ideas and an increasing number of organisations in the web-o-sphere are warning companies that MP3 players and Portable Storage Devices might just be the worst thing that companies will have to deal with in their fight against Data Theft.

Sharp Ideas have developed Slurp.exe which is an application that can copy all business documents from a PC to the player within minutes. The latest version will produce an HTML report to show what files that would be transferred prior to the actual running of the program.

Spooky indeed when you think that more and more storage capacity is available. Mobile phones, PDA's, USB drives, MP3 players are personal devices that can become multi gigabyte data gobblers within seconds. More worrying is the effect on morale should employees be asked to come to work without their gadgets.