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After fake iPods, how about fake Macintoshes

We're living in a wild wild world. After fake ipods (opens in new tab), fake USB drives on Ebay (opens in new tab), we now have fake Macintosh computers. I don't know whether it is a PR coup or whether they are selling the real thing. (opens in new tab) sells G6 at an incredible low price of $499. Obviously, it is a blatant rip-off. The G6 never saw the light (opens in new tab) and if it does, its price will probably be much higher than that.

RedPCs's website is currently down and according to information available on the Internet (opens in new tab), the chances of a customer getting his computer from them once ordered is as high as that of meeting a snowman in the Sahara desert.

I am often puzzled by the term Scam Artist, but I acknowledge that RedPCs has outdone most of its competitors when describing the "new" G6 computer. The specifications sheet is littered with mistakes that eagle-eyed readers can pick up easily. Creative sound cards do not use Realtek chips, no Pentium 4 processors come with 284KB onboard cache and I doubt that Office 2004 and Photoshop 9 CS2 can be had for $499.

Have a good laugh but stay away from this joke.

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