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The industry's best kept secret - a budget processor that beats the best

Back in the late 1990's, I was one of those who indulged in the forbidden art of Overclocking - the ability to increase the speed of a computer processor above its intended value.

Some of you might remember the fantastic Intel Celeron 300A (opens in new tab)- an entry level processor which was so easily overclocked that it could match the fastest processor of the time, the Pentium III 450MHz, simply by changing a single setting value.

Not only would you be proud of yourself, but most importantly, you were suddenly the owner of a much more powerful computer, all for the additional price of £0.

Intel has stealthily released the Pentium D 805 which is a dual core processor running at 2.66GHz. It costs only £79.95 but can be overclocked to insane speeds. Tom's Hardware Guide has overclocked it to 4.1GHz by changing altering the front side bus speed.

While this might be a little risky for the average computer user to go that high, switching from 2.66GHz to a more mundane 3.6Ghz for example can be done within seconds, leaving you with a potential saving of £500, which is enough to buy you another computer.

I heartily recommend the Pentium D 805 to anyone looking for a new computer, it is cheap and powerful, especially as a dual core processor. I still have to figure out why Intel launched this processor, grab it while you can.

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