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70 years for Gary McKinnon - whaaaaaa?

I'm slightly less than pleased to see that, now the incompetent US authorities have got an extradition warrant for alleged uber-hacker Gary McKinnon, they're letting rip on the possible penalties he faces if found guilty in the US courts.

US officials are now talking blithely to the media about McKinnon being sentenced to up to 70 years in jail.

As reported earlier, the 40-year-old Londoner allegedly hacked into US military IT systems between 2001 and 2002.

What the flip? If your name is OJ Simpson (opens in new tab)and you allegedly murdered your wife, whose blood is found on your gloves, you get off. Hack a bloody computer system and you get 70 years.

Call that justice? I don't think.

McKinnon was first arrested by the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (opens in new tab)for hacking into 53 US military computers in 2002, then re-arrested in 2005.

As reportedly earlier, he has admitted breaking into the systems but denies causing any damage. He claims that he only went on to the US system to search for evidence of UFOs and anti-gravity technology.

If our pathetic British government scrapes and bows to El Presidente Bush, as I sadly suspect it will, then it can only be hoped that McKinnon gets good legal representation. I wonder if OJ will lend him his super-lawyer?...