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Women More Likely to Infect PCs with Spyware

The number of companies reporting spyware infestation has increased by just under 50 per cent over the past 12 months, according to a survey released by internet security company Websense.

According to the annual Websense Web@Work survey, published on this week 17 per cent of companies with more than 100 employees have spyware - such as a keylogger - on their network. The company also reports that women are more likely to infect PCs with Spyware than men.

The 2006 Web@Work Employee survey reveals that men are more likely than women to engage in personal web surfing at work. Almost two-thirds (65 percent) of men who access the internet from work admitted to accessing non work-related websites during work hours versus 58 percent of women. Similarly, men are more likely to spend more time on the internet at work for both work-related and non work-related tasks than women do. For example, men admit to spending 11.6 hours on average per week on work-related websites and 2.3 hours per week on non-work related websites. In comparison, women admit to surfing 9.0 hours on average on work-related and personal sites and admit to spending only 1.5 hours per week on non work-related sites only.