Skype 2.5 released - all becomes clear...

Like many Skype users, I dutifully downloaded the latest revision of the VoIP software package last week, puzzling a little as to why Skype had jumped from version 2.01-whatever to V2.5.

Unknown to me, Skype had quietly changed the packet profile of the VoIP software so that the start of each call did not conform to one of a small number of data profiles.

This, I gather, was to stop IT security software in major organisations spotting a Skype call in progress and stopping the call from progressing.

All of this would have passed me by, had it not been for iPoque announcing that Skype had changed its call set-up procedure to stop VoIP from being blocked on company networks .

But I thought Skype used encryption to stop packet analysis?

It does, but iPoque says that the encryption only kicks in after the call has been established.

Which is why Skype changed its IP call set-up routines to prevent any clever packet analysis.

And now iPoque has changed its IP security software to block the new version of Skype...