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Online UK shoppers spend more, more frequently

A new study by SciVisum, sheds some light on the gradual paradigm shift affecting the consumer market in the UK, with off-line high street shops being the most adversely affected.

A whopping 75% of UK shoppers are choosing to buy online rather than in high street shops. The average amount spent per year has now reached £1100 with a significant percentage of those shoppers having bought or intending to buy either a car or their house online.

Generally, Northerners are the largest online spenders with more than 33% having an online monthly budget of between £50 and £100. Midlanders are the ones shopping the most frequently with more than a quarter buying every week.

The most popular items purchased by the online shoppers were books and CDs, proof that Amazon and online giants like Tesco's, have struck gold. However, this might be short lived, especially if new laws are passed to close a tax loophole (opens in new tab) that allow low price CDs, DVDs and books to be shipped from Guernsey Island VAT free.

Not surprisingly - because of their location, more than 50% of consumers living in Central London have yet to buy on the Internet. Online shopping is gradually coming to age and with Tesco's recent announcement of the first billion pound of online revenues, the online ecosystem may soon surpass the traditional brick and mortar business in the UK.

Unfortunately, the report was not available online at the time of writing; you might try to grab it here once it is on online (opens in new tab).

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