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Asda intros fuel card limit to cut fraud

Like many people I've often wondered why people who fuel up their cars at petrol stations are never refused a card transaction. I had a pal who worked the night shift a few years back at a Texaco station and he marvelled at the fact that transactions always went through.

This suggests to me that petrol stations do not verify the transactions they process, on the basis that the customer has already had the petrol or diesel.

Now, obviously, they must check the cards against the daily `hot list' of stolen or lost cards known to have been used, mustn't they?

It's against this backdrop that I read in the papers at the weekend that Asda (opens in new tab)has quietly introduced (opens in new tab)a daily 70 quid fuel limit per card in a bid to stamp out card fraud.

Asda says that the scheme is designed to stop thieves from using stolen cards at pay-at-the-pump facilities, which do not require a PIN number.

What's interesting about Asda is that the store is quietly converting a number of its station forecourts to take cards only. Tough nuts if you want to pay by cash or cheque, or want human assistance.

The Asda daily card/account limit has caused a few problems with people with joint bank accounts, apparently, where, for example, the wife has gassed the car up earlier in the day.

When el hubbo arrives to gas his motor up, he finds his card is refused, as the daily limit has been reached.

This sort of thing raises all sorts of questions on floor limits (opens in new tab)and card authorisations at Asda...