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Microsoft to introduce Knowledge Network

Microsoft introduced a new concept called Knowledge Network (opens in new tab), something that I have been thinking of for some time.

A significant percentage of a company's skills and knowledge is locked in its employees’ minds. Some estimates put it at 80%, which is considerable but, from my experience, a rather conservative figure.

As a general manager of Microsoft puts it, a lot of knowledge is not written down in a document. But then, even if it is written down, it is often shoved somewhere in folder with no direct access plus knowledge without the adequate tools is almost useless.

Microsoft's new Sharepoint server software will allow employees' profiles to be built, maintained and updated automatically without user intervention and uphold each employee’s privacy.

Sharepoint 2007 will also address the problem of Information underload, a term coined by Bill Gates, to underline the growing problem of finding the appropriate information, a problem that costs businesses around £10,000 per employee a year due to reduced efficiency.

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