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SiteAdvisor competitor

SiteAdvisor (opens in new tab), a service which rated sites based on a number of criteria, was recently bought by McAfee (for about $70 million).

Now there’s a competitor, Scandoo, which promises similar results as SiteAdvisor, but with no software needed on your system. It’s a division of ScanSafe and is based off of ScanSafe technology.

Simply go to the Scandoo website, enter a term, and something like the following shows up, with rating marks next to each result:

Link here (opens in new tab) via TG Daily.

Alex is a technology CEO, with leadership, operating partner, investor, and board member roles at security firms including AutoLoop, Borland, Quarterdeck (now Symantec and Cisco WebEx), GFI/TeamViewer, Sunbelt Software (now ThreatTrack Security), BlueStripe Software, StopBadware, Knowbe4, Malwarebytes, and Runaware Holding AB. When CEO of Sunbelt he ran a security blog, and he still writes on security.