T-Mobile mobile internet - taking your privacy for a long walk?

T-Mobile, the GSM and 3G cellular carrier, has launched a new range of mobile data tariffs under the Web'n'Walk brand name.

Originally launched at the start of the year as an add-on to existing mobile packages, Web'n'Walk is now available at £19.99 a month, which includes up to two gigabytes of data each month. And for the first year, you get WiFi access thrown in for free as well.

Existing T-Mobile users can continue to add the Web'n'Walk services for around £7.50 a month. That's not bad for a flat-rate mobile data service.

Except that consumer users can't use the service for Internet telephony purposes, nor can they hook up a laptop and surf the Net using a Bluetooth connection. All you can do is surf the Net and check your email using your mobile phone.

How will T-Mobile know that users are staying within the terms of the draconian agreement?

"We can spot Internet telephony calls, as well as Internet surfing sessions by monitoring your usage," says the T-Mobile call centre.

So there you have it folks. T-Mobile is monitoring what users do with its new mobile data packages. If they don't like what you're doing, your account gets terminated. It's all there in the terms and conditions too.

Words like `Big Brother' don't even begin to give this sort of eavesdropping justice. It's a gross invasion of privacy...