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Hats off to Qwest

Kudos to Qwest (opens in new tab), the US telecoms carrier, for telling the NSA (National Security Agency) where to go with its request (opens in new tab) for automated access to customer call records.

The NSA had been hoping that the US telecoms industry would allow it access to its call data records on demand, and without the need for one of those nasty court orders.

Most telcos have rolled over and agreed to the NSA's request, but Qwest hasn't it. It has claimed its customer CDRs are private and that a court order is required.

And the good news is that the telecoms forums in the US - such as at (opens in new tab) - are full of people well hacked off with the likes of AT&T and MCI Worldcom, and have vowed to switch carriers over the issue.

And what to the telcos that have rolled over and acquiesced to the NSA's request for automatic CDR access say?

"Only a small number of customers have complained about this issue," says Verizon.

Yeah, right. And Tony Blair is going to get back in at the next election too.

Have a bank jolly good weekend everyone...