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Patronising anti-piracy adverts at the movies

Took the family to the cinema last night to see X-Men 3. I was not amused, however, to see a 60 second advert extolling the virtues of going to the cinema over watching a movie on a pirate DVD, which was shown with out of-synch sound and poor quality video. Oh and

yes, and the clip of the head of a movie-goer wanting to go to the loo during the title sequence.

Haven't these guys heard of DIVX?

And then, once the lengthy clip saying how bad the pirate DVDs were for the movie industry, came a big red warning sigh telling movie-goers that it is illegal to record the movie you're about to watch.

And could you turn your mobile phone off as well please?

Okay, now I appreciate the need for the movie industry to protect its interests, but please don't insult my intelligence with this simplistic rubbish.

There was no mention of the fact that a significant proportion of pirate DVD revenues go to fund other crimes, including drugs and prostitution.

No video of a copper explaining the morals of the situation - just a stupid clip showing a very poor quality pirate movie, apparently from a DVD.

Well guys, I have news for you. The patronising advert brought snorts of derision from the audience. If this is the best that the anti-piracy lobby can muster, then we're all in big trouble...