Free WiFi hotspot security software

AnchorFree has released AnchorFree Hotspot Shield, a free security software package for WiFi that is claimed to provide security and protect user privacy at public WiFi locations.

The PC software can be downloaded from the firm's Web site and, says the company, provides consumers with private and secure access to the Web through an encrypted VPN channel.

The free download is billed as protecting punters from hackers, as well as operators looking to sneak cookies on the user's computers and invade their privacy.

According to David Gorodyansky, the firm's president, the software has been designed to help WiFi users address their security concerns.

"This will greatly expand the use of access to email, VoIP calls, instant messaging and general use of the Web," he said, adding that ease of use has historically been a big problem with securing municipal Wi-Fi networks.

"You can have the best encryption out there, but if someone can't set it up easily, it won't ever be used," he explained.

The software is billed as running on Windows 2000 or higher and a version is also being prepared for those lost souls with Apple Macs...