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Ubuntu 6.06 LTS : Open source Killer App

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, codenamed Dapper Drake, is bound to become one of the most popular distributions ever released. On Distrowatch, the website that tracks Linux distribution, Ubuntu's page has been read nearly a million times in the past twelve months.

Likewise, its Alexa rating, a barometer used by many to evaluate a website's popularity and reach, is quite impressive. Its site, is ranked amongst the top 2500 websites in the world

Linux-watch has tested the Linux distro and found it to be most impressive. Ubuntu actually works on computers as old as a Pentium 120MHz with 64MB RAM and 10GB HDD.

The reviewer found it to be even faster than the Operating System that was on it, Windows NT 4.0. From popping the CD in the computer for installation to actually browsing the internet, the reviewer spent only 10 minutes in configuration. Compare that to about 70 minutes on Windows XP Pro.

Add to it, the free price tag as well as a plethora of fully-functional software and you get the sort of killer-app that open source needs on the desktop

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