Barclays offers free AV software

Barclays has become the first UK bank to offer free anti-virus security software (from F-Secure, no less) to its online customers. At the same time, the bank will alert customers of any new payees created on their accounts by sending them a text message.

The deal is a major plus for F-Secure, although I suspect that the company won't be making that much money from the arrangement.

Announcing the deal, Barnaby Davis, Barclays' director of electronic banking, said that online banking has revolutionised the way people manage their money and we are constantly working to keep our services as secure as possible.

"Because online banking is so secure fraudsters have turned their attention to customers and target them to specifically get their security details for their accounts," he said.

"It's important that customers take sensible steps to reduce the risk of becoming a victim - for example keeping personal information such as PINs passwords secret, never revealing log in details and signing out after using secure Web sites, he added...