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Hackers down Russian scandal site

I was intrigued to read over the weekend that, a popular Russian political muckraking, was effectively downed for a week by a sustained denial-of-service attack.

The Moscow Times quotes Sergei Gorshkov, the site's operator, as saying that he views the downing as a threat, but he will not bow to anyone, and plans to carry on posting his news.

Ordinarily, I'd suggest that it was the Russian government behind the attacks but Gorshkov has reportedly upset so many people that, quite frankly, anyone could be behind the DOS attacks.

The paper says that the attack started at the end of May when tens of thousands of infected PCs started sending enquiry IP requests to the site, which couldn't cope with the surge in traffic.

Gorshkov's ISP, Zenon, says it had to shut down the site until the flood of inquiries eased up late last week. Gorshkov, meanwhile, says he has now managed to secure his site by opening mirror sites at five Moscow ISPs...