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Say hello to reverse authentication

A small Californian company has applied for a patent on what it claims is a system to prevent phishing and spoofing of information on the Internet.

The firm - Internet Promise LLC (opens in new tab)- says its reverse authentication system is unique in the marketplace in allowing the bank customer to authenticate a bank server before authenticating him/herself to the bank server.

Tara Chand, the firm's founder, said that the Raas technology, as it is known, quickly and inexpensively solves the problem of phishing and spoofing for financial institutions.

The reverse authentication technology, he says, is based on the premise of questioning why anyone would enter their personal data on a Web page without a foolproof assurance that the page is genuine.

Several experts are quoted as saying how wonderful the Raas technology is, but, so far, no-one has explained how it works.

Not that I'm being cynical, just that I'd like to know how the technology works - and I'm sure you would too...