Bins and Software

Having a wide range of interests (too wide according to my dear wife) I tend to get exposed to a bunch of different aspects of IT, as when people realise you are an “IT security guy” that’s it, you should know all their answers.

In fact I was once called at home at 7am on a Sunday morning by some joker who happened to have seen me wearing a polo shirt emblazoned with a certain vendor’s logo and assumed I was an expert on their technology.

Turned out I was, but I refused to help him as he was borrowing the DVD lent to anyone that went to certain pub and wanted the latest copy of Microsoft Office.

Lesson learnt? I am now careful where I wear certain t-shirts and when asked what I do for a job tell them I work on the bins for the local council. That’s until I start getting calls at 7am complaining about the bins not being emptied.