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Is John Zuccarini back as a bible salesman?

John Zuccarini was the notorious cybersquatter who ultimately got prison time for cybersquatting children’s sites and redirecting them to porn.. (opens in new tab)

Patrick and Adam have been researching some old Xupiter (opens in new tab) stuff and came across something curious. John Zuccarini had been an affiliate of Xupter, and Patrick rechecked Zuccarini's old that was mixed up with Xupiter.

Well, now redirects to a new site, It then links to and passes to is a new site, registered under John Zuccarini! Who knows if it’s a real name or fake, but it certainly is intriguing. John might be out of prison now (he was sentenced in early 2004 for 2 1/2 years), he could be running the site from prison, or someone could have just used his name.



created-date: 2006-04-30

updated-date: 2006-04-30

registration-expiration-date: 2007-04-30

owner-contact: P-JRZ45

owner-organization: Coral Island Traders Ltd

owner-fname: John Zuccarini

owner-lname: Zuccarini

owner-street: 145-157 St John Street

owner-city: London

owner-zip: EC1V 4PY

owner-country: GB

owner-phone: +442075539764

owner-fax: +44.8452264624


Of course, the “free bible” is, um, a dubious claim…

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