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Teaching a Man to Phish

We all get bad days. When people moan to me about their jobs I always let them know that even the queen has bad days. Yep – even Brenda has days when she wishes she could hide under the quilt and never see an outstretched hand again.

So it was a few months ago when I was having a particularly bad day, rushing to complete some last minute work. All of a sudden I get this really urgent email from Ebay telling me that my account was about to be suspended as I had not renewed my credentials. Now, I have never bought anything from Ebay and only had a login so that I could go browsing around, so this was hardly mission critical. But for some reason the timing was impeccable as it caught me at just the right time for me to click on the link and start to respond.

Yes, you guessed it, I was being phished (an attempt to get a user’s login and password details) by a spoof web site intent on getting access to my Ebay account. There you have it, despite years of training and (hopefully) above average insight into these things I was about to get done. Luckily I managed to get a grip and never completed the details as I realised it was a phishing attempt.

But if I nearly got caught, what about Mary in HR?