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Grisoft launches Ewido anti-spyware

I'm pleased to report that, following its acquisition of the German company behind the excellent Ewido any-malware software, Grisoft (opens in new tab) - producers of the useful AVG series of anti-virus etc., software, has launched Ewido on to the market again.

According to Grisoft, Ewido 4.0 is the only anti-spyware software to include a powerful combination of advanced security features such as generic unpacking of compressed malware, true memory scanning, heuristics, and use of binary signatures for a thorough analysis of programs that place users' computers at risk.

As there are a number of free anti-spyware packages out there in Internet-land, Grisoft is charging 19 quid for a year's licence, or 28 quid if bundled with the professional version of AVG.

Which is not a bad price when you think about it...