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Steganos gets into the secure VPN marketplace

Steganos, the encryption specialist, has launched a VPN service with the rather unwieldy title of Internet Anonym VPN.

Rather than run a VPN on the host computer, the new service relies on a client application that routes the VPN call via Steganos' own servers, and then on to the required IP destination.

Using this approach, the company claims that all online activity is both anonymous and, as you'd expect, SSL-encrypted.

What's interesting about the service is that it allows you to surf the Web with a high degree of anonymity, with all Internet functions operating as normal.

As well as regular Web browsing, the service supports the uploading and downloading of data, using what Steganos calls `legal file sharing services,' and visiting SSL protected shopping sites.

Now on to the $64K stuff - Steganos says that, although all the traffic runs through its servers, the servers do not record which sites are visited, or for how long, or what data is sent.

The only info stored, the company says, is the amount of data sent and received, since that is necessary to work out how much of the monthly quota has been used up.

The service is charged annually and there are two packages available - VPN 300 with 25 GB a month at £54.95 a year, and VPN 1000 with up to 85 GB a month at £139.95 a year.

Could the service be used for illegal purposes such as child porn exploits, or hacking?

Quite possibly, although it will be interesting to see if users of the service end up in court. I can image that PC Plod and the security services will take a dim view of the service.

Myself, I suspect that remote company workers will flock to sign up, as it offers them a sensibly priced facility that is about as secure as it can be...