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21-year-old paedophile jailed after Internet investigation

I was intrigued to hear on the lunchtime news about how a 21-year-old man, one Lee Costi, was tracked on the Internet after grooming young teenagers on MSN and other Interet chatrooms for sexual purposes.

Costi has apparently gone down the line for nine years, but it's the method of how he was tracked down that interests me most.

The ITN and BBC news bulletins didn't say much, but it looks like MSN assisted the police in tracking down Costi, after complaints were made through a Web site by a young teenager's mother.

What appears to have given Costi away was his IP address, which MSN was able to track through its system.

The question that is bugging me, however, is whether services like Steganos Anonym VPN, which I mentioned earlier in the week, would have protected Costi against a police or MSN investigation.

It's a very moot point and one I won't labour on about, but if I were the Plod, I'd be looking very closely at some of the anonymiser services that are popping up on the Internet.

I'm almost tempted to sign up for Steganos' new service - not because I'm doing anything illegal (hoh yus -Ed) , I might add, but just to stick one in the eye of the security services, who I know monitor my home and business phone lines.

How do I know that? Ah, now that would be telling...