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World Cup malware email spreading like wildfire

I was intrigued to read last night that the Sixem-A worm, which exploits everyone's (or so it seems -Ed) interest in the World Cup, is spreading around the Internet extraordinarily quickly.

But surely, you say, not every PC users is interested in the World Cup. True, but you need to be aware of the subject lines of infected emails, which include: 'Naked World Cup game set', 'Soccer fans killed five teens', and 'Crazy soccer fans.'

One of the messages sent by the worm reads: `Nudists are organising their own tribute to the World Cup, by staging their own nude soccer game, though it is not clear how the teams will tell each other apart. Good photos ;)'

According to Sophos, the IT security vendor, if the attached file to the email is run, it attempts to disable security software on the infected computer and then spread itself to other email addresses.

Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant with Sophos (fx: doffs cap in respect) the worm exploits the public's interest in the World Cup to infect business users.

"While some recipients might find nude football an attractive prospect, this is one worm you don't want to catch sight of, as you'll be playing straight into the hands of hackers," he said.

According to Cluley, it's likely that Internet criminals will take advantage of users' football fever as the tournament heats up.

"People need to wise up to security threats, or risk scoring an own goal," he said...