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Gold'en Rant of the Week : Wave goodbye to Windows 98/ME support

After a couple of postponements, Microsoft will officially pull the plug on support for Windows 98, Windows 98 SE and Windows ME on July 11.

The software giant we have all come to love (and hate) was originally planning to cease active support way back in 2004, but hit such a public outcry - especially from its corporate users - that it pushed back the deadline to June 30 this year.

That support deadline slipped earlier this year until midnight on July 11, following consultations with corporate users who still use Windows 98 and ME.

And despite a lot of planning, there are still estimated to be around 70 million users of Windows 98 and ME out there. From July 12, they will no longer be able enjoy support on the security updates front.

Nice one Microsoft. Not. I have Windows ME installed on a dinky Sony Vaio that is around five years old and is still going strong.

Sony never released a specific version of XP for the customised machine and almost certainly never will.

If I install XP on the machine I'll lose most of my Vaio-specific utilities. If I stay with Windows ME, I'll lose out on the security update front.

I wouldn't have minded paying $50 a year for these updates, if only for peace of mind.

Thanks a lot Microsoft...