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Gary McKinnon to be extradited

So that's it then - along with the Natwest Three (opens in new tab), the British government is also allowing Gary McKinnon, the alleged NASA/UFO hacker, to be extradited to the US.

Despite the fact that US peeps cannot be extradited to the UK without higher levels of evidence being offered to the courts.

According to Sophos (opens in new tab), which has carried out a survey of around 500 IT professionals, the IT industry is split in two over whether Gary's extradition should take place.

Sophos says (opens in new tab) that 52 per cent of its poll respondents said that McKinnon should not be extradited, while 48 percent said it was correct for him to face a US court.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant with Sophos (fx: touches forelock in deference) says it is fascinating to see how the IT community is split down the middle regarding Gary.

"Many have expressed sympathy with his plight and think the British authorities have let him down by agreeing to extradite him to the States," he said.

"This is in marked difference to the tough reaction we normally hear from the public when alleged virus writers and hackers are making the headlines. Hackers should take heed of the McKinnon case, and think carefully about their actions if they don't want a one-way ticket to an American court," he added.

Sorry Graham (opens in new tab), I think you're wrong, (opens in new tab) but for reasons other than you might think. Serious hackers live outside of the world that you and I, and most readers of this column, inhabit.

For them, normal rules - and fear of penalties - don't apply. Scary stuff, eh folks?...