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Yahoo and Microsoft unite against Google

Yahoo and Microsoft have decided to join their IM communities together to bring forth a behemoth, the world's largest IM community worldwide that's worth 350 million accounts, including duplicate ones.

Yahoo just released a new version of its Yahoo Messenger (opens in new tab) that essentially seals the deal between Yahoo and MSN. It took nearly nine months for the deal to materialise but at the end of the day, it creates a giant that leads the way to more potential collaboration between Yahoo and Microsoft.

The IM market is heating up as VoIP and Video over IM are quickly catching up with email. By combining their forces, Microsoft and Yahoo hope to dominate a segment of the Internet, allowing them to fight against the likes of Google Talk, Ebay's Skype and AOL Instant messenger. Bear in mind that AOL and Google are also eyeing a potential strategic alliance.

On that, Motley Fool (opens in new tab) says that Microsoft and Yahoo both want to kill Google Talk before it is too late: "Microsoft and Yahoo! can't afford to see that scenario play out (Google Talk becoming a real monster). Google Talk must perish, and the bloodier, the better".

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