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AOL soups up its security service

Following the lead of several ISPs, AOL has launched an IT security service for its subscribers, but with the addition of a a troubleshoooting service.

Known as Total Care, (opens in new tab)the service is under beta test in the US, with plans to roll out internationally.

Of course, whether the service reaches the UK depends on whether AOL flogs off its UK/European network to a third party and then offers UK punters a Web-based service for free.

Or does it? The Total Care offering is an ideal way to make munney from a free subscriber base.

But I digress. The Total Care service consists of a range of anti-virus and anti-spyware applications from McAfee, as well an Internet firewall from the same firm, plus a hard drive backup and remote PC backup facility.

AOL also is offering technical support to PC users online, by phone, or through home calls for an extra fee.

Plans call for an anti- phishing and ID theft protection service to be be rolled out before the services goes public.

And now the good news. The Total Care service is currently being offered to all AOL users, including those in the UK, free of charge under the ISP's beta test program. Sign up here... (opens in new tab)