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Etribes looks to popularise blogging in UK

A few days ago British software company etribes launched a secure, easy to use, online personal publishing and photo-sharing service for adults who are too busy to 'blog'.

etribes lets people create their own personal website at the push of a button, and update it regularly with news and photos.

It is designed for adults with busy social lives who do not want the hassle and technical challenge of maintaining a blog, but who do want to be able to share news and photos easily with friends and family.

Simon Grice, the founder of etribes, says there are millions of people in Britain who fall into this category.

Their research shows that there are about five million adults in the UK who are interested in finding easier and more convenient ways of communicating with their 'tribe' of friends, family and associates."

Grice believes that by 2008, 90 per cent of these - or 4.5 million people - will be using some kind of personal publishing or 'life management' tool to share news, photos and personal information and stay in touch with an increasingly geographically-dispersed network of friends, relatives, colleagues, club members and associates. etribes lets people do that in a safe, convenient and simple way.

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