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Say hello to KushCash

It looks like Paypal (opens in new tab)has some real competition in the US e-payment marketplace, which is good, especially now that eBay has frozen out (opens in new tab) Nochex, Paypal's main rival for e-cash here in the UK.

A new service called KushCash is ostensibly aimed at the mobile phone e-payments marketplace, but the facility looks workable for the desktop Internet too.

KushCash is billed as being insured through 25 top banking institutions in the US and, like Paypal, uses debit and credit cards to fund the account.

What's really interesting is the service also has a real-world debit card that can be used in ATMs or at bricks and mortar retail outlets.

The card is MasterCard (opens in new tab)-branded and unlike, say, Neteller, is integrated with a user's KushCash account, effectively giving punters direct real-world access to their online funds using a debit card.

The maximum account balance is $10,000, and there's a daily purchase or ATM withdrawal limit of $2,500.

You also can't send money until you've added a credit card to your account, after which the sending limit is $2,000 in total, which can be raised further, once a bank account has been added to the KushCash account.

And, whilst security seems better than Paypal, the charges are lower, making for an interesting e-payment option, especially since the long-awaited Paypal debit card is still some months off...